Irritable Bowel Syndrome Tests

Irritable bowel syndrome sufferers should always visit their doctor to make sure that the symptoms are directly related to this IBS. This is because there are other illnesses that have similar signs and symptoms to IBS.

There are several tests to determine the cause, and you can prepare yourself for the types of tests that they will perform before you go to your physician. This will prepare you not only for what will be done when consulting with your doctor but also for the expected results and what to expect after your diagnosis.

Blood Test

Blood test id the first type of irritable bowel syndrome test that is performed. Doctors will want to take a count of your blood cells. This will show them if you have anemia or another abnormality that may be causing the same irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

They will want to make sure that your symptoms are not linked to any other type of syndrome because irritable bowel syndrome sufferers should have a normal blood count.

They may also perform related tests that will point out whether you have tissue damage that is linked to the symptoms that you are experiencing. This would be another indication your problems are not related to irritable bowel syndrome.

Stool Test

The stool test is the most common irritable bowel syndrome test. There are certain characteristics in your stools that can help diagnose Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Doctors will want to look at your stools to see what is happening and whether there are any problems with your stools if you have irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

This could include parasites that are living in your intestinal tract, instead of Irritable bowel syndrome. Your symptoms would be alleviated once the parasites have been eradicated if you do suffer from parasites.

Colonoscopy Or Sigmoidoscopy

Doctors may decide to perform colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy if these irritable bowel syndrome tests do not provide doctors with the right information for your symptoms so they can specifically diagnose Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Both of these investigations will allow the doctor to examine the rectum and portions of the entire large bowel. From here, they will be able to note irregularities that are directly linked to the spasms that you are experiencing as well as ensure whether there are other problems that may be linked to the symptoms.

Barium Enemas

Another irritable bowel syndrome test option for doctors is X-rays, known as barium enemas. Through radiology, they can take pictures of your large bowel after adding colored liquid and air.

They are then able to determine what the irregularities are that you are suffering from as well as determining whether there are bacteria that are not properly functioning in your gut area.

These different irritable bowel syndrome tests will be performed in relation to various questions and psychological examinations from the doctor.

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