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IBS syndrome or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is more common in women than in men. Constipation, bloating, and other stomach ailments are reported IBS syndrome symptoms. Even though the cause of IBS syndrome is unknown, the effects can be devastating to those who suffer.

For most, the IBS syndrome symptoms are mild discomfort, but for others, there is a constant pain that keeps them from going about their daily lives. Because of depression and feelings of helplessness, people have lost jobs, have not been able to travel, and oftentimes become withdrawn from family and friends.

IBS syndrome has got no cure. In order to lessen the effects of IBS syndrome symptoms, many people have to change their eating habits and daily activities. For some women, menstruation can bring on increased symptoms due to hormonal changes in their bodies.

For some women, monthly periods are bad enough due to excessive cramping, bloating, and headaches. But for women with IBS, these symptoms and others are worsened causing the women to be bedridden for up to a week each month.

This can interfere greatly with plans, work, and other activities. Women become depressed, which can worsen the effects of IBS syndrome. There are, however, a few ways to combat and deal with IBS when problems arise.

Change One’s Diet

The first way is to change one’s diet. This may involve researching foods that may trigger symptoms such as bloating, and constipation. Foods that are high in calcium and fiber may not be foods that should be eaten too often.

Fiber is a good way to get rid of the body’s toxins, but too much fiber has negative effects and could worsen the situation. Drinking plenty of fluids during the day will help since IBS syndrome attacks the colon and large intestine.

Water and certain juices such as cranberry juice may help. Exercising daily helps in keeping the body fit and digesting food properly. This will also help combat depression and give a person something to do each day.

Women should not exercise, but they should stretch daily during menstruation. This will help the body to digest food properly and improve a person’s mood overall.

Medications For IBP Syndrome

Medication is another option that is helpful in reducing the effects of IBS syndrome. There are medications that will help limit bloating and ease the pain of constipation, even though there is no cure for IBS syndrome.

Before taking any medication for IBS syndrome consult a doctor. Women oftentimes take aspirin or other pain medication during menstruation. While this can help the menstrual cramping, aspirin may cause bloating. Finding an alternative that will relieve both will help. There are also herbal medications worth looking into.

Embarrassing And Painful

IBS syndrome can be embarrassing and painful. Women need to check out all their options and also try to reduce the stresses in their lives. Physical ailments can be worse when the body is under stress.

It is important to stick to a healthy diet and exercise regimen. This will reduce the stress felt from daily activities. Taking on fewer responsibilities and sharing household duties can help.

There is no cure for IBS Syndrome and symptoms will sometimes when a woman has her period, the situation is even worse. This can be helped with medication or other remedies to ease the pain.

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