IBS In Women

The idea of IBS is often connected to a woman’s health issue. It is estimated that sixty percent of IBS sufferers are women. There are numerous reasons why more women suffer from IBS than men.

These are directly connected to the different ways in which women’s bodies are built and function. This also comprises the physical and emotional differences that relate to IBS.

Physical Differences Between Men And Women

The relation to physical differences between men and women is one of the considerations that have been connected to IBS.

Abdominal Area

The abdominal area in women is more sensitive and more linked to the brain to gut nerves than in men. Women are also known to be more sensitive in their internal organ functioning.

These are all probably directly related to the physical causes that are linked with women and IBS and why they seem to develop it so easily.

Chemical Differences

The chemical differences that are part of IBS are another physical difference between men and women. For instance, during menstrual bleeding, IBS symptoms may be stronger because of the change in hormones and chemicals moving through the woman’s body.

Some research has pointed out that particular hormones in women may cause irritation in the digestive area, which causes Irritable Bowel Syndrome. In relation to this, male hormones such as Testosterone can help avoid IBS developing. Usually, the males, who do have IBS, have lower amounts of testosterone in their system.

Psychological Factors

Psychological factors may also relate to the differences between men and women and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Depression and stress and how they are managed are different between women and men. The nerves that are triggered by various levels of anxiety may move towards the abdomen area more freely in women than they do in men.

Men will handle particular situations and responses differently when dealing with stress and depression than women do. This is probably a factor in not causing the particular nervous reactions which is often found with IBS symptoms in women and why men do not seem to suffer from IBS as much as women do.

Some people think that the IBS statistics between men and women may be untrue because, in general, women are more ready to speak to their doctor about the problem than men, therefore the statistics may be inaccurate and misleading.

Women are also required to go for annual check-ups, whereas men may not be as used to visiting their doctor as frequently. There are varieties of factors that may cause IBS in women. These all relate to the functioning of a woman’s body as well as the balance within them. These directly relate to the digestive tract.

Whilst men have IBS symptoms, it is often known as a ‘woman’s health issue’ because of the larger amounts of women who report having the problems. It is important to have your doctor look into the symptoms and prescribe the proper treatments for IBS if you are a woman with these symptoms.

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