IBS Help For Working Persons

Adult patient normally needs to continue working while their doctor is investigating their IBS symptoms during the lengthy IBS diagnosis procedure. At this point, the patient should arrange for a way to record, even at work, the important symptoms that need to be reported to the physician.

Make A Note Of Important IBS Symptoms

For instance, if the patient experiences sudden bloating after an office party, then that too should be recorded and reported. If a patient has a sudden attack of diarrhea while at work, then that needs to be recorded and reported to the physician.

All reports should note the time of the incidence and the foods or medicines ingested prior to the recorded incidence. The patient can just keep a small notebook on his or her desk if the patient has a desk job.

The patient would need to look for an alternate way to record any significant symptoms if the patient must perform a great deal of work away from a desk. The patient should carry at work a small notepad and pencil if the patient has a work uniform with pockets.

This is one time when the individual who must remain working while suffering from IBS has a possible benefit over other employees. With such a notepad in hand, that patient is ready in the event of an unexpected call from the office. The particulars of the call can be recorded, and the IBS sufferer can show his or her effectiveness.

Devotion Towards Work

The patient needs to explain to his or her boss the problems related to the disorder, once the patient receives a diagnosis of IBS. At this point, the patient should obtain some text to give to the boss, and possibly to selected co-workers.

The patient should seek out text that speaks about features of IBS most closely related to the problems experienced by the patient. There will be no benefit for an IBS patient troubled with constipation if he is offered extensive information about diarrhea and IBS.

With The Boss

The IBS patient needs to convey two important points during the meeting with the boss. Firstly, the patient must provide proof that he or she has a plan by which he can control the IBS symptoms.

That plan could include IBS medication, behavioral therapy, or both. That plan must convince the boss that the working patient will not exhibit a reduced performance while suffering from the IBS symptoms.

Secondly, the patient needs to convince his or her boss that any suffering brought on by the IBS symptoms will not terminates the patient’s dedication to his or her job.

The patient must make it clear that job responsibilities remain foremost in his or her mind. One way to do that makes use of the experience obtained by recording the observed symptoms.

The patient has learned to observe more carefully and to monitor situations more efficiently in the process of recording the IBS symptoms. This represents the knowledge that can improve work performance. This shows that working while suffering brings benefits as well as problems.

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