IBS And Constipation Relationship

One of the major characteristics of IBS is constipation. There are several reasons why constipation may be occurring, which is either part of the syndrome itself or can be due to a different problem.

It is important to determine whether constipation is a result of IBS, immediately after the IBS symptoms begin to occur. This will help you obtain the correct IBS treatments to put your digestive tract back in place.

Determine Whether Constipation Is Due to IBS Or Not

Knowing why you have constipation and its cause is the first step in determining whether it is related to IBS or not. For instance, not having the right amounts of certain foods in your diet may cause constipation.

You can change this by adding fiber and liquids to your diet. Constipation can also be relieved with Exercise. Beyond this, there are several other factors that may be causing constipation and problems with your digestive tract.


Constipation may result in serious illnesses, which are not directly linked to IBS. For instance, diabetes can cause problems in the digestive tract. There may also be more serious problems and diseases that are directly related to your colon.

In general, constipation is caused due to the things such as colonic strictures. You should always consult with your doctor to make sure that you do not have one of these more serious diseases.

Cause Of IBS Related Constipation

The cause of IBS-related constipation is the result of improper control over the nerves and muscles. This will then cause an imbalance in the straining and releasing of the intestine and colon area.

It will be defined as IBS if you have had certain IBS symptoms for twelve or more weeks out of the year. There are several IBS symptoms used to determine whether this is related to IBS.

Functional Constipation

This will include the types of bowel movements that are used to complete the digestive procedure. These will be different than what is known as functional constipation.

IBS constipation will vary from functional constipation in several factors. At first, it may be associated with abdominal pain. It may also include problems with diarrhea as well depending on the individual.

One type of symptom may be dominant over the other, or both may be equal problems. The appearance and frequency of the stool will also differ from functioning constipation.

You will feel relieved after complete digestion with IBS, where the functioning constipation will not have the same result. A doctor can perform tests to establish the cause if you are unsure whether your digestion is abnormal due to IBS.

When you are finding the cure for IBS it is important to know whether the problems with your digestive tract are related to IBS or another syndrome. There are several ways that you can define whether constipation is related to IBS.

It could be the cause of a different type of syndrome or problem if it doesn’t have certain characteristics. This, as well, should be examined by a doctor in the first instance to ensure that the appropriate IBS treatment is provided to help relieve the problem.

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