Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Foods To Be Avoided During Colon Cleansing

There are several foods that can trigger Irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. You may want to consider avoiding certain foods until you establish what is causing your IBS problems and symptoms depending on how your body reacts.

If your irritable bowel syndrome is causing your colon and intestine to react, then the following are some foods that you should avoid.

Foods That Cause Flatulence

The first types of foods to avoid are those that may cause you flatulence. These will then irritate your intestine and colon and cause the syndrome to flare.

Certain types of food should be eliminated from this such as different types of vegetables. Broccoli, cabbage, onions, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower all have certain substances in them that may cause your stomach to react.

Foods That Make Your Body To React With Gas

There are also a variety of other foods that you can try to avoid if your body is reacting to gas. Bananas have certain substances in them that will cause this reaction.

Your digestive system may build up gas by eating nuts or raisins, particularly if the food is not sitting right whilst digesting.

Certain Type Of Beans

Certain types of beans should be avoided as most of these will trigger your intestinal tract. If you are fighting irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, then garlic and leeks should also be avoided.

Trigger Foods

Certain ‘Trigger’ foods have been known to cause IBS. Unlike other food sensitivities, these are more popular in providing problems with your digestive tract. Foods such as alcohol and fats can cause your body to not react properly.

For some people meats are also harder for the body to digest, causing many digestive problems. You should be avoiding these foods and go for a substitute with another type of meal if any of these foods seem to irritate you.

Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance is one of the more popular problems with foods that cause your body to be more sensitive. Until you target which trigger foods are causing problems, milk and dairy products should be avoided.

Make sure that you supplement the calcium nutrients with other types of supplements if you have to avoid dairy products.

Beyond this, are foods that some can be sensitive to. These foods may cause your digestive system to react depending on your body.

Certain Sugars

Some people find that certain sugars will also cause reactions with irritable bowel syndrome. One of the more common problems that can cause irritable bowel syndrome to flare up is sugar substitutes.

This is particularly true with artificial sugars or sorbitol, which is often used as a sugar substitute. Another type of sugar that can cause irritable bowel syndrome symptoms is fructose that is found in several fruit juices.

You will be able to find whether this is where the problem is with causing the reactions in your body by avoiding these food sensitivities.

You will be able to minimize the pain and irritation that is being caused by knowing what possible food sensitivities you have, as well as knowing what to avoid. Finding substitutes for certain foods through vitamins and supplements may help in eliminating irritable bowel syndrome.

You will be able to find which foods you should avoid and which ones you can still enjoy by knowing what the foods are, as well as the types of reactions that they are known to cause. This is an easy way to begin eliminating irritable bowel syndrome.

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