Are Crackers Low FodMap – Ibs & Fodmap Friendly Fully Explained

Are Crackers Low Fodmap? a Low FodMap diet act as a solution for many Ibs sufferers if you take it in a good way. Lactams, lactose, fructans, mannitol, sorbitol, and GOS should everyone that are facing IBS symptoms avoid them 💪.

I understand you were living a normal life, and you were eating everything without considering it. But now you are taking care of every single detail by checking label ingredients or by asking in order to be safe 😢.

I get quite often this question “Are Crackers ok For Ibs”, is the same as our main question “Are Crackers Low Fodmap?“ 🤔 before answering let’s check together how crackers are made in order to check which ingredient doesn’t fit our plan.

Basically, the ingredients used for making Crackers are 👇

  • wheat flour
  • water
  • yeast
  • Oil
  • sugar
  • Salt
  • cheese
  • spice

Now we are aware of what are used ingredients in order to make them, let’s first give a generic answer and then I will answer if other brands are fodmap friendly or not

Are Crackers Low Fodmap? Generic Answer!

To be honest, the majority of crackers are high fodmap, since they contain bad ingredients that might cause disorder that affects mainly the intestine and other symptoms.

Brands are made Crackers using Milk and Gluten (wheat, barley, and rye), and other ingredients such as HFSC, Garlic and Onion powder, Molasses, and Honey.

As we all know all ingredients Previously mentioned are listed among the most high-fodmap food since they contain a high amount of Fructans, lactose, fructose, GOS and mannitol.

Many tests and research confirmed that eating ingredients that are advised to be avoided might irritable colon and will upcome abdominal cramps, diarrhea, constipation, swollen or bloated abdomen, and excess gas.

if you want low fodmap crackers you can make them easily at home, or you can look for some that are Gluten-free, lactose-free, Sweeteners free, Insoluble Fiber and Gas Producing Vegetables.

by the way, in the next sections, I will try to introduce some brands to avoid and other Ibs friendly

Are There Low Fodmap Crackers?

Are Cheez its Low Fodmap?

Are Cheez its Fodmap & Ibs Friendly? Unfortunately, Cheez-it doesn’t offer any low fodmap or Ibs Friendly Crackers. Every single flavor contains high fodmap ingredients even the whole grain flavors (gluten-free)

Cheez-it Crackers are made using MILK, GLUTEN, HOS, GARLIC, and ONION which means that you need to stay away from them if you want to avoid the side effect of irritable colon.

Are Better Cheddars Low FodMap?

Are Better Cheddars Fodmap & Ibs Friendly? The answer is NO, Better Cheddars are made using Milk and Gluten (wheat), which means that they have a high amount of Fructans and lactose. Therefore are listed in the red area of high fodmap foods which makes them unsuitable & a bad choice for Ibs suffers

Are Chicken Biskit Low FodMap?

Are Chicken Biskit Crackers Fodmap & Ibs Friendly? The answer without further ado is NO, Chicken Biskit Crackers do not after any low FodMap option since are made based on Gluten (wheat), Milk, and Onion which are considered high fodmap and affect negatively the irritable colon.

Are Honey Maid Low FodMap?

Are Honey Maid Crackers Fodmap & Ibs Friendly? Honey Maid Crackers from the name it appears that are made based on Honey and other sweeteners HFCS, and Molasses which means that all Flavors of Honey Maid are considered high FodMap since they contain a high amount of fructans & sweeteners.

If you follow FodMap Diet you should strictly avoid any kind of gluten (Rye, Barely and Wheat) & Sweeteners, since they have a high amount of fructans & Fructose, which means that Honey Maid is not a bad choice for Ibs.

Are Premium Crackers Low FodMap?

Are Premium Crackers Fodmap & Ibs Friendly? Unfortunately, Premium Crackers do not offer any low-fodmap flavors, all their flavors are made based on GLUTEN (Wheat).

So, Premium Crackers are not ok for Ibs or fodmap diet.

Are Handi Snacks Low FodMap?

Are Handi-Snacks Crackers Fodmap & Ibs Friendly? a Fodmap diet tends to avoid any products that have a high amount of sweeteners, Gluten, and dairy. and the Handi Snacks Crackers are on the same side since they contain HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, GLUTEN, and MILK. This makes them a bad choice for Ibs suffers, its better to avoid them in order the be away of irritable colon symptoms

Are GOOD THINS Low FodMap?

Are Good Thins Crackers Fodmap & Ibs Friendly? Good Thins Offer 3 Low FodMap Flavors that are free from any high fodmap ingredients those flavors are

  • GOOD THINS sea salt
  • GOOD THINS simply salt
  • GOOD THINS sea salt & pepper

The rest of the flavors are High fodmap and unsuitable for Ibs Suffers since they contain some high fodmap vegetables & dairy such as Onion, Garlic & Milk

The flavors that are considered high fodmap are:

  • GOOD THINS parmesan & garlic
  • GOOD THINS three cheese
  • GOOD THINS jalapeño & lime
  • GOOD THINS barbecue
  • GOOD THINS garden veggie

Are Wheat Thins Low FodMap?

Are Wheat Thins Crackers Fodmap & Ibs Friendly? Unfortunately, Wheat Thins do not offer any low FodMap Crackers, they are made-based sweeteners and Gluten (wheat & Barely). which means that doesn’t fit a low fodmap diet.

Are Triscuit Crackers Low FodMap?

Are Triscuit Crackers Fodmap & Ibs Friendly? The Triscuit Crackers brand has more than 16 flavors list and none of them is considered low FodMap since they are made based on Gluten, Gas Producing Vegetables, and Dairy (Onion, Milk, and Wheat).

Are Town House Low FodMap?

Are Town House Crackers Fodmap & Ibs Friendly? Town House Crackers has 5 varieties Original, Pite, Dipping, Flipsides, and Flatbread, and each variety contains several flavors. but all of them are considered high FodMap is not offering any low fodmap flavors which makes it unsafe for Ibs.

Are Great Value Crackers Low FodMap?

Great Value Crackers is a brand of Walmart, and it has several flavors, more than 14, but none of them are considered low FodMap because are made using HIGH OLEIC SOYBEAN OIL, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, GLUTEN, HONEY, and MOLASSES. which makes them a bad choice for Ibs suffers.

Final Thoughts

Are Crackers Low FodMap – Ibs & Fodmap Friendly? Generally, All crackers are Made Using Gluten (Wheat, Rye & Barely), Sweeteners, Gas Producing Vegetables, and Dairy. which makes the majority of them considered high fodmap & unsuitable for Isb such as:

  • Cheez-It
  • Better Cheddars
  • Chicken Biskit Crackers
  • Honey Maid
  • Premium Crackers
  • Handi-Snacks
  • Wheat Thins
  • Triscuit
  • Scooby-Doo
  • Town House
  • Great Value


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