Are Cheetos Low Fodmap? Cheetos FodMAP friendly

Are Cheetos Low Fodmap? a lot of people keep asking for snacks if they fit their diet, the same as our topic today. surely if you suffering from irritable bowel syndrome or IBS for short you might be asked the same question since you need to limit your high fodmap intake instead of resisting the pain by eating them. So, Are Cheetos IBs Friendly?

Before answering, our main question, let’s see what are Cheetos flavors in order to get a clear idea and for well categorizing them if there are Fodmap-friendly Cheetos.

Cheetos varieties are:


Answering Are Cheetos Fodmap friendly? I take a lot of research from my side. since they are a lot of related questions anyone needs to answer the first such as

  • Are Cheetos Gluten-free?
  • Are Cheetos Dairy Free?

To answer those questions I checked each flavor one by one here is what I found. You will find the brief answer to those questions after Are Cheetos Low Fodmap?

Are Cheetos Low Fodmap?

Are Cheetos Low Fodmap? The answer is NO, Cheetos are Considered High Fodmap since they contain milk, whey, buttermilk, and cheese. As we all know dairy products contain lactose which is among the non-allowed list on a low fodmap diet.

Since there is a different way of Cheetos interaction some have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and IBS with one person saying they can eat Cheetos and others saying NO. But a lot of people has been confirmed that after eating Cheetos has been facing some IBS issues.

Therefore FDA confirmed that lactose is one of the allergic foods that might cause IBS issue since some IBS sufferers notice that Fructose trigger IBS symptoms.

My advice is to try avoid any product that have any single IBS allergic specially if you have high sensitivity to high fodmap foods

Are Cheetos Dairy Free?

Unfortunately, by checking all Cheetos flavors and allergen information, the result is typically said that is made using milk, whey, buttermilk, and cheese.

therefore Cheetos brands are made to be always cheesy. in conclusion, Cheetos is dairy and not suitable for any diet that doesn’t allow lactose on it.

The company uses the term “cheese” as a flavor descriptor for its products. The answer to whether or not Cheetos are dairy free is NO.

Now Let’s move to the next question in this section we will see if Cheetos are gluten-free. Stick with me to find out

Are Cheetos Gluten-free?

There is some confusion over whether Cheetos are gluten-free. Frito Lay has made a list of its products that are gluten-free and Cheetos are on it, But is it safe for those who strictly follow a gluten-free diet? Cheetos are considered gluten-free. but are not certified gluten-free.

The FDA has a certification process that protects those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Since Cheetos have a small amount of gluten, less than 20 ppm, and this is why the FDA does not certify them as gluten-free.

So, there is a small amount of gluten content, but Cheetos are still considered gluten-free. It does depend on your sensitivity to gluten. If you have a high sensitivity to gluten, it is best to avoid foods like Cheetos. If your sensitivity is lower, you can eat them without any caveats.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Cheetos are not low-fodmap even if it is considered gluten-free. since it contains lactose that comes from dairy products, which is high in FodMAP.

So, Cheetos are not suitable for IBS sufferers.


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